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Complete Commercial Services Package

Complete Commercial Services Package

Complete Residential Services Package

Complete Residential Services Package

Use of Sustainable Resources and Environmental Practices

Use of Sustainable Resources and Environmental Practices

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Edmonton Excavating pros are a company that is committed to giving you the best environmental excavation services money can buy in this great city. We are the perfect pre-cursor to a construction project.

The use of excavations is common in the industry. Excavations can vary widely in shape and size, depending on the work situation. It’s our responsibility to make sure that all the possible variables of how the work may come out are dealt with properly. And we have the expertise and experience to give you quality. We are one of the best excavating companies Edmonton has to offer.

Be it commercial or residential excavation, contact us and we will not disappoint.

What we do is more than simply moving dirt from one place to another, it is a complex project. We prepare the area, trench it, grade it before embarking on the job. All of this because we are trying to deliver quality. We take our time to ensure that you are happy. Our quality work has put us on the map and we want to serve you.

We operate the best heavy machinery on the map for the job and spare no expense in getting top of the line products.

We also have great care for keeping the environmental integrity intact.

Safety is a top priority when excavating Edmonton!

There are a lot of issues that may arise from a poorly done excavation job. This is why it is paramount that proper research, tests, and samples are carried out before any job begins. And that there is regular contact between all the personnel undergoing a project. Making it a breeze for construction companies to build. We have a scientific approach to our job that has allowed us to carry out many projects smoothly and has also allowed us to rarely fall victim to the risks on the job.

Even in areas with snow, we do our job.

The most important risks in carrying out excavation services are:

  • Personnel falls inside the excavation.
  • Contact with toxic materials
  • Frostbite from Excavating snow
  • Landslides of materials, lands, rocks.
  • The collapse of the land or neighboring buildings.
  • Entrapments.
  • Floods
  • Hitting with objects and tools.
  • Vehicle collisions.
  • Hit by vehicles.
  • Noise.
  • Other derivatives of interference with other buried pipes (electricity, gas, water, etc.).

We are a brilliant excavation contractor that knows the nature of the soil by looking at a soil map when doing the digging work. So our company has no difficulty in doing the digging work as we have incredible tools which can also save manpower and money.

With all this in mind, we feel it is very important for you to be fully aware and informed in making these decisions. And the key to that is knowing what to consider when in need of an excavator.

Top dog among the excavating companies Edmonton offers!

Objective: paving the way for beautiful construction

The consolidation of our company and the compensation for satisfactory work for our clients. Excavation and extraction of land, filling, leveling of land, and transportation of surplus land and demolition of all kinds of structures. And getting it ready for construction projects and services. We don’t do mid level work, we are on the map because we don’t settle for less.

Top dog among the excavating companies Edmonton offers!

Urbanization in Edmonton and surrounding areas

We carry out all kinds of urbanization and aiding in construction, covering all processes: rainwater, concrete, snow, sewage, supply, lighting, telecommunications, gas, electricity, paving, grading, landscaping, walls. Our intention is to enhance the standard of living in our dear city with commercial landscape changing projects. Without us, there is no construction.

Top dog among the excavating companies Edmonton offers!

Waste recycling policy

Our company is approved for the transport of waste, in addition to working with waste removal companies, for those materials that cannot be reused. We offer our services with a great sense of care for the environment and the city at large. We avoid contact between citizens and anything that could harm them.

Top dog among the excavating companies Edmonton offers!

Strategic solutions

We stand out for the quality and professionalism of our services, our ability to learn, be it in the rain or snow, guaranteeing at all times, both compliance with deadlines and the highest levels of quality and safety in both human and environmental terms. Our discussions with our clients are covered by an airtight privacy policy. We are the contractors you need.

We give the best business or residential excavation Edmonton can offer!

Our versatility allows us to render services to both residential and commercial areas with ease. We understand the nuances that each type of job requires and are willing to read the situation and find solutions.

Residential and Commercial basement excavation to backfilling & trenching for utility installations. (water/sewer installation and repair. Power trenching)

  • Small Garage excavation to large shops, footing style or grade beam
  • Septic tank excavation.
  • Cistern tank excavation.
  • Snow removal.
  • grading
  • Asphalt, gravel, and concrete work
  • Construction
  • Subgrade excavation
  • Demolition
  • paving
  • Waste removal
  • City environmental analysis
  • All our excavation services are on grade guaranteed.


Our excavation services are the best where we are offering quality work to our clients. Our workers are the best who can execute specialized services with their experience. Our clients always come back to us and keep in contact. We are always looking to learn new ways to deliver our services better.


Hiring an excavation contractor from our company is not difficult. You can contact us anytime to reach the excavation contractor and start your project. Let us give you service that is the culmination of the hard work put into so many great careers.

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